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construction projects


Our Solution

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MPA - Micro Project Aggregator

• Break the project into micro-projects

• Create the right checklist per trade and unit

• Ensure complaisance with local regulations and company’s best practice



• Quick and easy registration & communication
• Adds value to the field workers
• Personalized per project and per user


Data Analytics

• Collect 100,000s data points per project
• Identify failure patterns
• Predict delays and subcontractors performance

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"Over the years we tried several different software solutions, but none of them worked for us.
Cemento is different, their software is designed for construction projects with many units just like ours. Since we started with them they have made a huge difference. At Artimus we always be known for our high quality standards, Cemento just made it easy for us to implement them without any hassles."

Rotem Shaubi, Project Management at Artimus Construction, New York

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